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Conduct a TriActive Program

Triathlon NSW, in conjunction with the Sydney Triathlon Group (STG) conducted a pilot TriActive program from February to April 2018.

About TriActive

Originally created by Triathlon Victoria, it's goal is to offer individuals who have never done a Triathlon before, a social, nurturing and supportive entry into the sport, with the eventual goal of completing a short Triathlon, and potentially transitioning into the Affiliated Club Network.

For more information on the program - CLICK HERE.

To remove the barrier of owing a bike, the majority of fitness will occur in a Spin Studio. Participants are asked to obtain a bike (borrow from a friend or family) for only two occasions. The program will feature an open water swim session to ensure the participant gains confidence in the ocean and also a Bike / transition session in Centennial Park.

TRIactive has been developed for adults who would like to be a bit more active and take on the new challenge of triathlon, but don't really know how to get started.

Following the conclusion of the successful pilot, a case study was put together.

TriActive Case Study 2  

Conducing the TriActive program is a benefit of being an affiliated club of Triathlon NSW.

If your club is interested in conducing a program, please contact Triathlon NSW on 8488 6250


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