Champions of Queensland

Nominations for the 2019/20 Champions of Queensland Awards are now open! These awards celebrate our sporting champions across various categories, such as Professional Athlete of the Year, Age Group Athlete of the Year, Junior Elite of the Year, as well as the crowning of the Nissan State Series Age Group Champions. We will also be presenting our Coaching awards, Technical Official awards, and Volunteer awards.

Triathlon Queensland invites staff, members, clubs, and other interested parties to nominate someone who meets the criteria for these awards. The nomination button can be found below, and the criteria can be found here

The 2019/20 Champions of Queensland Awards will be presented at the Moreton Bay Triathlon on Sunday 19 April 2020 at Pelican Park, Redcliffe. The presentation will celebrate all of our major award winners, and will also include the crowning of the Nissan State Series Age Group Champions. 

Champs of Qld

Congratulations to the 2018/19 Champions of Queensland and the Nissan Club Championship winners. You are champions who are at the forefront of our sport, and whether putting in performances on race day or working tirelessly behind the scenes you all aim to drive growth across Queensland, and are appreciated immensely for all of your contribution and passion.



Tony Nolan 2019  Sue Boyd 2019  Leonie Brassey 2019

Nicola Glasper 2019  Mick Grey 2019  Emma Mourilyan 2019

Des Gooda 2019  Toby Coote 2019  Dan Atkins 2019

Richelle Hill 2019  Luke Harvey 2019  Katie Kelly 2019

Joshua Kassulke 2019  Ash Gentle 2019  Luke Willian 2019


Aggregate First Be Energetic 2019  Aggregate Second Tweed 2019  Aggregate Third Starfish 2019

  Small Tweed Coast 2019  Small Race Pace 2019-2nd  Small Triple FFF 2019-3rd

 Medium Be Energetic 1st 2019  Medium Starfish 2nd 2019  Medium Tri Nation 3rd 2019

Large Red Dog 1st 2019  Large T-Rex 2nd  2019  Large Redcliffe 3rd 2019

2018-19 NISSAN state series major awards

2018-19 Nissan Series Overall Female Winner 2018-19 Age Group Winner - Damien Jeffery - Overall

2018-19 NISSAN STATE SERIES age group champions 

2018-19 Nissan Series Winner - Huxley 2018-19 Nissan Series Winner - Samuel 

2018-19 Age Group Camp - Charlotte Morley  2018-19 Age Group Camp - Addison Houslip  ‚Äč2018-19 Nissan Series Winner - Jade

2018-19 Nissan Series Winner - Madison  2018-19 Age Group Camp - Riley Wingad  2018-19 Age Group Champ - Jade Hennessy

2018-19 Age Group - Daniel   2018-19 Age Group Camp - Sam Suddaby  2018-19 Nissan Series Winner - Jonas

2018-19 Age Group Champs - sophia mccarthy   Mia Wooldridge - 2018-19 NSS

Peyton Craig - 2018-19 NSS

2018-19 Age Group Champs - jessica pike   2018-19 Age Group Champs - Ella Vickers   

Ryan Marsh - 2018-19 NSS  2018-19 Age Group Champs - thomas feldmann  2018-19 Age Group Champs - jackson medway

Ella Wooldridge - 2018-19 NSS

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Casey Atkins

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Keegan Jenkins

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Dominic Churchett

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Jessica Parnwell

2018-19 Age Group Winners - Sandra Wilson  2018-19 Age Group Champ - Briarna Silk

2018-19 Age Group Champs - Brent Cue  2018-19 Age Group Camp - Matthew Lovell

2018-19 Age Group Winners - Kirsty Sheehan

2018-19 Age Group Camp - Ben Luscombe  2018-19 Age Group Champ - James Dimsey

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Alison Ryan  2018-19 Age Group Champ - Sarah Richmond

2018-19 Age Group Camp - Terrance Britt  

2018-19 Age Group Winners - Damien Jeffery  2018-19 Age Group Champ - Brett Jenkins

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Angela Clarke

2018-19 Age Group Champ - Eric Stephen Leach

2018-19 Age Group Winners - Diane Batley

2018-19 Age Group Camp - Linda Meredith

2018-19 Age Group Champs - Greg Lebeter

Awards criteria can be found here.

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