Anderson Named Finalist for Emerging Athlete of the Year Award

10 Apr 2024

Photo Credit: Commonwealth Games Federation

Aspen Anderson’s status as one of the nation’s next generation of sporting stars has been reaffirmed, with the dual-Commonwealth Youth Games gold medallist named a finalist for Commonwealth Games Australia’s Emerging Athlete of the Year Award.

Anderson is named finalist among a group of exceptionally talented nominees which includes Tayte Ryan (cycling), Cameron Myers (athletics), Mikayla Bird (swimming), and Inez Miller (swimming).

The 17-year-old received Commonwealth Games Australia’s Emerging Athlete of the Month award in October after a stellar year that culminated with two gold medals at the Trinbago Youth Games.

Anderson was clinical in the women’s individual super sprint event, taking the lead in the changeover between the swim and bike legs and maintaining it through to the finish.

Perhaps even more impressive was her performance alongside Jack Latham in the mixed team relay super sprint distance event just two days later.

Taking on the second leg of the relay, Anderson was handed fourth position by Latham as she entered the water. Claiming third position in the swim leg, she held on to this position heading into the running section of the race, 15 seconds behind the Siena Stephens from Jersey in first. In a six minute and 11 second blitz, Anderson caught up with the leaders, and then strode away, taking an eventual win by 25 seconds.

Following her triumphs in Trinbago, Anderson has continued to shine, securing victories at the Oceania Triathlon Junior Championships, the Australian Junior Super Sprint Championships, and the National School Sport Championships.

Anderson’s versatility combined with her terrific achievements at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2023 establish her as one to watch in the future and a deserving finalist for the Emerging Athlete of the Year award.

The winner of Emerging Athlete of the Year will be announced at the annual Commonwealth Games Australia President’s Dinner, with the winner receiving a $5000 CGA Scholarship towards their sporting endeavours. The other finalists will each receive a CGA Scholarship of $1000.

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