Our Brand


Our brand

Our brand is a valuable asset. It is a reflection of our organisational values, and of us as individuals who represent AusTriathlon.

This guide has been specifically created to present all of our communications not just in a consistent and clear manner, but also in a way that presents AusTriathlon as a united front to the public, our members, and to our industry, distinguishing us from other sporting bodies and organisations.

This guide sets out how we present the AusTriathlon brand when working with visual and written elements. It provides exact advice on how to use the AusTriathlon logo and its related elements.

Adherence to this guide is a requirement for any use of the AusTriathlon brand and its related elements.


For any special requirements or questions, please contact AusTriathlon via the form below or brand@triathlon.org.au.


This brand guide is the property of and remains at all times the property of AusTriathlon.

No parts of this brand guide may be duplicated, transmitted or used for any purpose without the prior explicit written permission of AusTriathlon explicitly.

Intellectual Property 

The name AusTriathlon is the property of AusTriathlon, as are all of the elements shown in this guide that make up the AusTriathlon brand.


We have provided this reference to ensure that colour reproduction is accurate and consistent between varying media.


These are the main brand colours for AusTriathlon, as used in the logo and icon.


Pantone 641
C100 M37 Y0 K30
R58 G115 B180





Pantone 520
C58 M89 Y18 K3
R128 G62 B128





Pantone 711
C0 M97 Y75 K0
R221 G71 B97





Pantone 1665
C0 M79 Y97 K0
R248 G90 B33





Pantone 130
C0 M32 Y100 K0
R242 G180 B67





These are the supporting colours used alongside the primary colours for text, backgrounds, and data representation such as graphs, charts, and infographics.

Dark Grey

Pantone 446
C54 M27 Y36 K82
R62 G69 B69




Light Grey

Pantone CG1 @30%
C4 M2 Y4 K8
R245 G245 B245





Rich Black
C50 M50 Y50 K100
R0 G0 B0





CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255





This gradient – as featured in our logo and icon – is an integral part of our brand. It can be used as a background in many applications.

Any use of gradient is to be approved by the brand team.

8%: #007DFF
70%: #FF0000
100%: #F2B443


Find your unstoppable

‘Find your unstoppable’ is a powerful call to action for every individual within the triathlon community — and for those looking to join. It is about setting new personal goals and challenges at every level: from those saying  ‘I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon’ and starting their very first training session, to those seeking to dominate on the world stage.

At the heart of ‘Find your unstoppable’ is you. And while each person will have their own ‘unstoppable’, what they will all have in common is the AusTriathlon community being here to support them every step of the way.


Our corporate typeface is Inter for all print materials and web elements, and is used in its various weights as shown. When Inter is not available, Arial can be used for all documents created in-house.

Inter Bold


Inter SemiBold


Inter Regular


Inter Light


Photographic Style

We use photos to add life and context to our materials.

Photos should appear natural, and in full colour, without any filters or other obvious colour grading on them; the exceptions to this rule are hero or composite images (such as used in website homepage hero and posters), and these are to created by graphic designers.

Photos should be warm in tone, and feel optimistic and light. Avoid dark, gloomy images.

Action Photography

Whilst we will have many action photos, other photos featuring people should not appear staged unless it is for an athlete profile. Ideally, subjects should be engaged in an activity (sporting, celebratory, or training).

The best photos capture the emotion of the moment (people ‘finding their unstoppable’), or the engagement between individuals (demonstrating the community that can be found in triathlon).

Community Photography

Photos should be diverse, inclusive and reflect our triathlon community – they should cater to all levels of sporting ability, age, and gender.

Athletes should be the focal point. People should look like they are having a good-time, not interacting with camera. The audience should feel like they are there, as if it could be them participating.


Icons are created in a minimal stroked path format, and can use both rounded and bevelled ends, as seen in our logo icon. All icons should be consistent in detail, scale and lineweight. They should use the least amount of lines to convey the concepts that they represent. New/custom icons can be commissioned via the form below.

Swim Icon

Ride Icon

Run icon

Combined Gradient Set

Reversed Set


The way we speak as a brand should accurately reflect who we are, regardless of the medium or the audience. To ensure consistent alignment with the AusTriathlon brand, we have developed the following guide to our Brand Voice, Copy Tone, and Copy Style.

Brand Voice

This is an expression of our brand personality in written form. As such, our AusTriathlon brand voice has the following characteristics.

Triathlon is all about the challenge. We inspire people to become better versions of themselves.


Be exciting, uplifting, and encouraging! Refer to the audience in the second person. Use exclamation marks, but do so sparingly.


Sound overly excitable and therefore too youthful. Avoid using clichés and too many exclamation marks.

We invite people to engage with us first by our communications, and then ultimately by participation in our sport.


Ask questions, keep things relatively brief where possible, and drive people towards an outcome – whether that’s a belief or an action.


Talk down to the audience, nor assume everyone is already a dedicated triathlete.

As the NSO, we fundamentally represent people. We represent members’ interests, and represent members to the broader Australian community. Both audiences must therefore find us open and approachable.


Remember to be friendly. Talk in first person plural, and maintain the focus on how we support our audience of members and prospective members. Use contractions sparingly.


Be too casual, which is unbecoming of a governing body, through the use of slang, neologisms, or colloquialisms. Jargon is acceptable as it relates to tri, with consideration given that it must not be exclusionary to outsiders.

Copy Tone

This varies depending upon the context, however we have a foundational tone that helps guide message development.

We strike a balance between formal and casual – we are an NSO and peak governing body (hence formal), yet we are friendly and approachable (hence casual). Finally, we are mostly enthusiastic and but can also be matter of fact when required – the latter is especially the case when discussing details such as insurance, sanctioning, safety, and governance matters.

By anchoring our communications to this tone, we can maintain consistency whilst adapt as required to different audiences.

Copy Style

Our copy style is generally a blend between descriptive (about the sport, event details, etc) and persuasive (why our audience should participate). The context will dictate which of these two is the more appropriate style.

Considering the brand voice, copy tone, and style in all our communications ensures that we are correctly representing our brand to our various audiences. If you have questions about how to apply these guidelines, please contact brand@triathlon.org.au.



Our AusTriathlon digital stationery pack (letterhead, email signature and presentation deck) is available for download for staff members. Whilst digital should be the overarching preference, approved staff members can order printed stationery via the form below.

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