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About Triathlon Events in Australia

AusTriathlon as the national sporting organisation responsible for triathlon in Australia has a process to ensure that events conducted in Australia are conducted in a safe and fair manner for all participants.

One of the benefits of this system will be that event organisers will be able to access AusTriathlon’s whole of sport insurance scheme. Ultimately it is the event organisers responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance to cover the needs of the event.

Event organisers who wish to have their events “sanctioned” by AusTriathlon are able to do so by submitting their applications through the online sanctioning portal.

Sanctioning Policy

Terms of One Day Licence

AusTriathlon Online Sanctioning Portal

Use of the system is in alignment with AusTriathlon’s Sanctioning Terms and Conditions which are available within the Sanctioning System. These are agreed to whenever a new event is created.

Sanctioning FAQ

How can I sanction my event through AusTriathlon?

Please read the AusTriathlon Sanctioning Policy and/or contact the sanctioning office in your State/Territory

What are the benefits of sanctioning your event with AusTriathlon?

For a list of benefits, please go to the AusTriathlon Sanctioning Policy

What is the latest day I can sanction my event?

We recommend to create your event in the OSP a minimum of 45 days prior to stagging your event. All required documents must be uploaded no later than 30 days prior to the event. For more details, please got to the AusTriathlon Sanctioning Policy

How do I get access to the Online Sanctioning Portal (OSP)?

You have to first register for an account in the system. All accounts need to be approved before access is granted. This may take up to 2 business days.

What should I put in the organisation field when registering?

If you are a club you would put your club name here. If you are a commercial event organiser you would put your trading or company name here. The registered name will be used for all communication and invoicing. If you are looking to register more users, please make sure they use exactly the same organisation name.

When adding an event I can’t type in the name of the race director

If you would like to assign a race director to your event, you have to make sure the person is registered in the OSP as a user. You can do this on their behalf using their email address. Every user must have a unique email address. User approval may take up to 2 business days. Should you need to speed up the process, please contact the sanctioning officer in your State/Territory.

The Race director is responsible for ensuring that the event is delivered in accordance with the sanctioning application in the OSP and follows the AusTriathlon Sanctioning Policy.

How do I submit my event for review and get it sanctioned?

When you are ready for your event to be reviewed by a sanctioning officer – click ‘edit’, scroll down to ‘sanctioning status’ and select ‘awaiting sanctioning’. This will notify your sanctioning officer and generate a sanctioning invoice. The invoice will be sent to your nominated email address and stored as an attachment in the OSP under the finance tab.

Sanctioning Fees

Participants Fee (incl GST)
Club Event* $0
Aquathlon / Run Only / Swim Only $250
1 – 100 $330
101 – 500 $550
501 – 1000 $770
1000+ $990

* Refer to Event Operations Manual for Eligibility

How do I pay the sanctioning fee?

If you have not received your invoice via email, click on the finance tab in the OSP to see/ download the invoice. You may continue to pay through the system with your credit card (charges apply) or money transfer directly to AusTri using the ‘Event ID’ (eg. NSW123) and details on your invoice.

How do I receive my Certificate of Currency (COC)?

Simply pay the sanctioning invoice received after you have set your sanctioning status to ‘awaiting sanctioning’. Please be aware that COC’s are only issued once a week, generally on Thursdays. Your event is not ‘sanctioned’ and the COC won’t be valid until the race permit is issued.

What is a Race Permit?

A race permit is a document confirming that your event is sanctioned by AusTriathlon. It is issued when all sanctioning requirements are met and is triggered by a sanctioning officer. Without a ‘race permit’ the Certificate of Currency (COC) will not be validated for the day of the event.

What if I don’t have certain information or I am not sure how to fill some of the fields?

Go to the ‘comments tab’ in the OSP and add your question. The sanctioning officer will follow up with you within a week. It is important that all communication regarding the event is kept within the portal. In case the responsibility for sanctioning is passed on to someone else, this will retain all the communication for the benefit of the new person.

I have the same event every year, do I have to enter in all the information again each year?

No, you don’t. In the OSP there is an option to ‘clone’ your events. Click ‘clone’ and you will have the opportunity to update the details of your event (including dates, name of the event, number of participants, and choose any attachments you wish to transfer).

If you transferred something you didn’t need/ want, it can be amended later.

I have received a notification saying the status is now “Needs Alteration”

This means the sanctioning officer has reviewed your event and requires more information. Please make the necessary updates or changes and select ‘awaiting sanctioning’ as your status again. It will notify the sanctioning officer about your changes and allow them to proceed with sanctioning.

I have received an email saying that I have notifications pending

The system is designed to send you notifications when something has changed about your event. It will send you a reminder every day until you have read that notification. Login to the OSP and you will see ‘notifications’ in red at the top of the screen. Read all the notifications highlighted and the system will stop sending you emails.

How do I get my event shown on the Event Finder?

When an event reaches ‘Awaiting Sanctioning’, it will start to show on the Event Finder. Please note it may take up to 24 hours to be visible.

What if my event information is incorrect on the Event Finder?

Please confirm that your information is correct in the OSP, if you need to make changes, please note it may take up to 24 hours for changes to show on the finder. If it is still incorrect, please reach out to an AusTriathlon or State / Territory representative.

Video: Prepare an Event

Video: Post-Event Reporting

State & National Status Events

AusTriathlon also works closely with event organisers and state bodies to award State and National status to events across Australia.

Events, where possible, are selected to span all states and territories, giving an equal and fair opportunity for members to participate.  The selection of events is typically run via an Expression of Interest process.

For more information please contact your relevant AusTriathlon coordinator or email info@triathlon.org.au