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You may be an existing athlete, or merely an aspiring one. Perhaps you’re a strong swimmer or cyclist looking to diversify? Or maybe you’re someone who just wants to get more active whilst spending time in the great outdoors?

Regardless of your level of fitness and where you’re starting from, you’ll find triathlon to be incredibly rewarding – and you’ll be surrounded by a community of people who will welcome, inspire, and motivate you.



Three reasons to tri

There’s a common misconception that triathlon is a sport for elite athletes. But just as there are elite tennis players and regular neighborhood tennis players, so too there are elite triathletes and everyday social participants. Whichever category you are in – or aspire to be in – triathlon participation offers a range of benefits. Here are just a few:

Improved fitness

Triathlon is low-impact cross-training. By spreading your efforts across the three separate disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running, you’ll increase your flexibility and endurance, whilst simultaneously minimising the risk of impact injuries or burnout compared to focusing on a single discipline.


When you compete in a triathlon, you’re surrounded by others challenging themselves. You’ll find a supportive community of people with you as you pursue your own goals, with amateur triathlon as much about beating your previous self as competing with others. But if you are the sort of person who does want to compete, then you’ll enjoy good-spirited competition from people who’ll push you to be your absolute best.

Mental health

Triathlon goes beyond the typical mental health benefits of exercise, and takes it to the next level. You’ll become more resilient to stress as you train your body to deal with the demands of an intense physical pursuit, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of self-satisfaction as you improve yourself through regular challenges, and you’ll experience the time-tested benefits of ample sunshine and Vitamin D as you compete in the great outdoors.

Connecting to a club …

One of our key goals at AusTriathlon is to create welcoming entry points for people of all ages and abilities, so they can enjoy lifelong participation in our amazing sport.

We do this by providing governance and support to the many clubs around the country. These clubs are the heart of our community and the connection point for our members.

When you join AusTriathlon, we can help connect you with your local club (our new online Club Finder is coming soon!)



Now is the time …

So whether your goal is to complete your first ‘enticer’, Sprint, or Olympic distance triathlon, to participate in state or national championships, or to gain selection for the age group world championship team, AusTriathlon has a participation pathway for you.

From social and casual participation to high performance, we enable all individuals to achieve whatever level they aspire to under the various levels of membership.

How do you get started?

Enter a short distance enticer / novice race.

Such events are usually delivered as low-competitive, fun-for-all events.

Check out our Events page for details.

Enter an event as a member of a two or three-person team.

This can be a great way to try out the sport with your friends, and to get to know the three disciplines of triathlon.

Join a triathlon club. Triathlon clubs are a great way to meet other triathletes and coaches, get involved in a regular training program, or sign up for a skills development course.

Clubs will often keep their members updated on local or state races and events and provide a great social aspect to the sport.

Check back soon for our Club Finder.

Go along as a supporter for your family, friend, or colleague in triathlon, and get to know the sport as a spectator – we guarantee you will leave wanting to have a go yourself!

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