Our Organisation

AusTriathlon is the governing body responsible for the development and management of triathlon and multisport in Australia.

Formed in 1986 under its original name the Triathlon Federation of Australia, AusTriathlon is recognised as the official national body by the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia and World Triathlon.

AusTriathlon also has eight affiliated State-level governing bodies (referred to as ‘State and Territory Triathlon Associations’) with a shared purpose and vision, to ensure our sport continues to thrive, by focusing on supporting participants, members and our affiliated triathlon and multisport clubs and squads across Australia.

From sanctioning over 600 events on the triathlon calendar to representing Australia on the world stage, AusTriathlon ensures there is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy triathlon and multisport – from juniors and novices right through to world champions.

Our Vision

To create a happier, healthier, and more connected nation through triathlon and multisport experiences.

Our Purpose

To enable more people to enjoy more triathlon and multisport experiences in more places.

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