Membership FAQs

Questions about membership? Read our frequently asked questions
General information

How do I login to the member portal?

When is the membership season?
AusTriathlon membership provides access to benefits from 1 July – 30 June.

Where can I find information on membership?
Find information on AusTriathlon membership, including options, benefits and pricing on our membership page. To make an informed choice on which membership is right for you, compare membership options on our website and consider which membership supports your triathlon lifestyle. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, reach out to your club or our membership team on

How do I pay for membership? 
Payment for membership can be taken by debit or credit card only. Once you have made your membership selections, you will be directed to the checkout. The order summary will display the memberships you have chosen, you can then select ‘Pay with Card’ to complete your purchases.

How do I join AusTriathlon?
Learn more about becoming a member of AusTriathlon and your local triathlon club and squad at the membership page and join through the AusTriathlon member portal at

Why is there a price difference between club and non-club membership?
AusTriathlon and State and Territory Triathlon Associations (STTAs) remain committed to supporting affiliated triathlon and multisport clubs to ensure they remain accessible for the triathlon community. One of the ways AusTriathlon and STTAs support clubs is to provide discounted membership for members who join through their local club. Please note, club membership prices vary, and club membership may include additional fees to AusTriathlon membership.

Subscriptions and renewal

How do I renew my membership? 
AusTriathlon membership renewals will be available from 1 July each season. To renew, login to the member portal at

What is an auto-renewal Subscription?
All AusTriathlon and linked Triathlon Club memberships automatically renew, unless manually switched off after purchase. AusTriathlon has had this longstanding feature to ensure a smooth renewal process for members. Furthermore, this ensures continuity of Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance coverage for members whilst they train and compete.

If your membership is set to automatically subscribe, you will not need to login and renew your membership, it will be automatically debited on July 1. Just make sure your payment details are up to date in the member portal before June 30 for your renewal to be processed. You can review this as well as turn it off any time in your AusTriathlon profile by logging into your account at and selecting Finance > Subscription Summary > View Plans > Cancel Plan.

How do I update my payment details?
Once you have logged in, you can edit your card details by selecting the menu function at the top left. Select the Finance tile in the Member Area. This will display your subscriptions as well.  Select ‘View Plans’ on the right. This will open up your current subscription (automatic renewal) plan. Select ‘Update Card Details’ from the right. Enter your new details and click ‘Update’ to save them.

Updating Payment Details – Help Sheet

How do I turn automatic renewal subscription off? 
Select the ‘Finance’ tile in the Member Area to display your subscriptions. Select ‘View Plans’ on the right to open up your current subscription (automatic renewal) plan. Select ‘Update Card Details’ from the right to enter your new details and click ‘Update’ to save them.

Change Your Subscription – Help Sheet

Read Renewal Guides:

How to renew: Renewing Members 
How to renew: Family Members 
How to renew: Coaches & Officials
How to renew: Manage Your Membership 

Clubs and upgrades

How do I upgrade my membership?
If you would like to upgrade your membership, choose the ‘Membership’ tab and click on the tile with your Clubs name on it.  It will have a ‘1’ on it already due to the active membership you currently have. On the next page choose your new level of membership.

Complete the final steps as needed and confirm your details. Upon reaching the checkout page, you should see discounts automatically applied in line with the membership upgrade you have selected. If you are downgrading, please contact the AusTriathlon membership team for assistance.

How do I change clubs or join multiple clubs? 
You can select a new club during the sign up process, or if you are a renewing member, choose ‘Select Club’ from the top right corner of your profile and add your new club. Once you have completed this, please contact your old club to have them remove you.

Want to join multiple clubs? Once you have logged into your member portal, your clubs will display on the right sidebar. You can choose ‘Select Club’ from the top of this side bar which will take you through the process of adding a club to your membership.

Please note: If you change clubs with the intent to leave one for another, ensure that your subscription with your old club has been turned off by either updating your profile or contacting us. Go to Subscriptions and renewal for more information

How do I join a club as a current Non-Club member?

If you want to upgrade from a Non-Club to a Club membership,  please contact the AusTriathlon membership team for assistance.

Digital membership card

What is a Digital Membership Card? 
Your digital membership card is an electronic membership identification that can be attached to your smartphone/tablet using Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

What do I need to download my card? 
You will need a modern smartphone or tablet that is compatible with Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

Google Wallet (Android OS): See minimum specs here
Apple Pay (Apple iOS): See minimum specs here

When do I access my membership card? 
Your digital membership card will be automatically generated and emailed to you shortly after purchasing a membership. Please keep an eye on your email.

Can I get my Digital Membership Card through another app/service?
Unfortunately not, the card is provided through the above services to ensure the widest possible compatibility with modern devices which run Android (Google) or iOS (Apple).

Membership management

How do I login to the member portal? 

I forgot my username? 
Try using your Member ID or your email address attached to your membership. If you are still unable to access the member portal or need to change your username, contact the AusTriathlon membership team.

How do I change my username?
The username on your profile can only be changed by the membership team. Please contact the AusTriathlon membership team with any username requests.

How do I reset my password? 
Visit the member portal at, enter your username into the ‘Log In field’ and select ‘Forgot Password’. If the username matches one in the system, the password reset will be emailed to your email address.

How do I update my details? 
Your email and personal details can be updated from the main dashboard of your member portal. Once you have logged in, select the ‘Update Details’ button, edit as needed and remember to click ‘Save’ once completed to keep your changes.

I can’t sign up for a new profile as the email address is taken?
All members must have a unique username in the system (which email is used by default) however, email addresses can be shared if they are used by a family. See below for How do I link family members or add a new member to my family group? 

How do I link family members or add a new member to my family group? 
If your family members have already been grouped to your profile, they will appear in a list below your profile picture. If you are grouping them yourself, please log into your member portal. You can group a member with your account under the ‘Create Family’ sidebar. On the left of your dashboard select ‘Add Family Member’. If they already have a profile, add them using the existing member selection. A verification email will be sent to the added member to confirm they want to join your family group.

If they are new to JustGo and don’t have a AusTriathlon profile, please select ‘New Member’. You will need to complete all mandatory details for them.

Parents: If you are signing up multiple family members, do this from your main profile page by using the ‘New Member’ function mentioned above.

Please note: ALL members added to a family group are able to log in to view and edit all memberships attached to the group.

Manage Family Memberships – Help Sheet

Credentials for Volunteers, Coaches and Officials

How do I add credentials to my profile? 
If you are a Coach and/or Technical Official, you’ll need to upload key documents to your member profile in order to carry out your role. Please refer to the below guide for assistance.

Adding a Credential – Help Sheet 

My Club have asked for my Child Protection information. Where do I enter this?
Once you have logged into your profile, please select ‘Credentials’ from the list on the left. Choose ‘Add Credentials’ to upload to your profile. A pop-out will display showing a list of all credentials that can be uploaded to your profile. Fill in all mandatory details.

Adding a Credential – Help Sheet 



Who do I contact about my AusTriathlon membership?
Want to talk to someone about AusTriathlon membership? Get in touch with our membership team here.

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