Membership FAQs

Questions about membership? Read our frequently asked questions. 

2021/2022 membership

How do I join Triathlon Australia? 
Learn more about becoming a member at and join through the Triathlon Australia member portal at   

When is the 2021/2022 membership season?
Triathlon Australia Membership provides access to benefits from 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022.

Where can I find information on the 2021/2022 membership?
Find information on Triathlon Australia membership, including options, benefits and pricing on the Triathlon Australia website

Please note, club membership prices vary, and club membership may include additional fees to Triathlon Australia membership, for the club portion of your membership.   

Which membership do I choose?
To make an informed choice on which membership you should purchase, compare membership options on our website and consider which membership supports your triathlon lifestyle. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, reach out to our membership team on  or contact your club or State to discuss your options.

I think I've purchased the wrong membership?
Please use the contact information listed below so we can help you with the right membership option. 

Why is there a price difference between club and non-club membership?
Triathlon Australia and your State and Territory Triathlon Associations (STTAs) remain committed to supporting affiliated triathlon and multisport clubs to ensure they remain accessible for the triathlon community. One of the ways Triathlon Australia and STTAs support clubs is to provide discounted membership for members who join through their local club.

How can I pay for my membership? 
Payment for membership can be taken by debit or credit card only.  Once you have made your membership selections, continue to the checkout and select Pay with Card to complete your purchases. 

Once you have selected your club (or selected the non-club option), you will be directed to the checkout.  The order summary will display the memberships you have chosen and the state and Triathlon Australia memberships will also be automatically added to your cart.  Payment is then taken for your club membership, state membership and your Triathlon Australia Membership together. 

How to I upgrade my membership?
If you would like to upgrade your membership, please contact your STTA branch or Triathlon Australia directly. They will be able to assist with changing this over for you.

Who do I contact about my Triathlon Australia membership?
Still have questions about Triathlon Australia membership? Get in touch with our membership team: 
(02) 8488 6200

Renewing members

When can I renew my membership?
Membership renewals and new memberships for the 2021/2022 membership season will open from June 1 and the 2021/2022 membership season will commence from July 1.

Why has Triathlon Australia changed the membership offering for 2021/2022?
To coincide with the launch of GoMembership, triathlon’s new membership portal, we’ve launched new suite of membership products for the 2021/2022 season, providing a simplified membership offering for the triathlon community - that caters to more triathlon experiences and can provide extra value for members.

How do I renew my membership? 
Members will get access to the new Triathlon Australia member portal from June 1, and be able to login via the member portal ( to renew before membership expires on June 30 2021. 

Triathlon Australia will send members information on how to renew, a username and access code on June 1 so members can simply login to the portal, set up your member profile, review your membership package and process your renewal. 

Read Renewal Guides: 
How to renew: Renewing Members 
How to renew: Family Members 
How to renew: Coaches & Officials 
How to renew: Professional athletes 

How do I add credentials to my profile? 
If you are a Coach and/or Technical Official, you'll need to upload key documents to your GoM profile in order to carry out your role. Please refer to the below guide for assistance
Adding a Credential - Help Sheet 

Will my membership type change to one of the new packages?
2020/2021 members will be set up to renew with a new membership option, which maintains the same or comparable level of member benefits and cover. The new membership will be pre-loaded in the member portal ready to renew from June 1. Even though you’ll be set up with a new membership option, based on your current membership, to make renewing simple - you will be able to change your core membership package while renewing if there’s another membership option which better suits your needs.

I was a Non Competing / Non Training member, how do I renew?
If you are a Non Competing / Non Training member, you’ll be set up to renew with the Social core membership. 

I was a competing Adult or Junior member, how do I renew?
If you are a competing Adult or Junior member, you’ll be set up to renew with the Standard core membership. 

What happens to Coaching, Technical Official and Professional Athlete memberships?
If you are a Coach or Technical Official, your new core membership will be set up based on your current benefits – whether your membership includes benefits for racing and training, and you will be set up with either a Standard or Social membership, with your relevant Add On package. Professional & U23 Athletes will be set up to renew into a Standard core membership with a Professional Athlete or Professional Development Athlete Add On.  

What happens to Junior & Youth Draft Legal memberships?
For Youth Draft Legal & Junior Draft Legal members – you will be set to renew with a Standard core membership and your Draft Legal Endorsement will be able to be added to your profile.

What happens to my auto renew? 
Your previous auto-renewals are no longer active and you will need to login and manually renew your 2021/2022 membership in the new portal.  

Going forward, automatic renewal in GoMembership is called a subscription. Upon purchase of your 2021/2022 membership, your membership is set to automatically subscribe for the next season.  This means that you do not have to renew your membership each year, it will be automatically debited on July 1 each year, from 2022 onwards. 

Managing your membership 

Why is triathlon changing to GoMembership? 
Triathlon Australia has launched a new club-focussed membership portal, with partners Azolve to deliver a seamless and enhanced user experience for clubs and members, making it easier for everyone in the triathlon community to manage memberships. 
GoMembership is the market leader of membership management software within the sports industry and will be the new digital membership management platform for Triathlon Australia, State and Territory Triathlon Associations (STTAs) and affiliated clubs across the country. 

How do I login to the member portal? 

When you log in for the first time, you will need to use the ‘Forgot Password’ function to receive a reset link via email. Enter your username into the relevant field on the login screen (you will have received your username in your renewal reminder email), then click on “Forgot Password”. You will receive an email from the system with a link. Click on this link and set a password for your account. You will then be logged into your profile.  

What is my username? 
Your username has been sent to you in your member email, if you haven’t received your username or it is not working try using your Member ID (where more than one profile in the database used a single email address) or your email address attached to your membership. If you are still unable to access the member portal or need to change your username, contact the Triathlon Australia membership team on  

How do I reset my password? 
Visit the member portal, enter your username into the Log In field and select Forgot Password.  If the username matches one in the system, the password reset will be emailed to the attached email address. 

How do I update my details? 
Your email and personal details can be changed from the main dashboard of your member portal.  Once you have logged in, select the ‘Update Details’ button, edit as needed and remember to click save once completed to keep your changes. 

How do I update my payment details? 
Once you have logged, you can edit your card details by selecting the menu function at the top left.  Select the Finance tile in the Member Area.  This will display your subscriptions as well.  Select View Plans on the right.  This will open up your current subscription (automatic renewal) plan.  Select Update Card Details from the right.  Enter your new details and click Update to save them. 
How do I turn my auto-renew off? 
You can turn the subscription function off if you want to turn the subscription off or would like to renew manually.  To do this, click into the Finance tile under the Menu.  Click through using Update Plans on the right and then select Cancel Plan against the subscription you would like to cancel. 

How do I link family members or add a new member to my family group? 
If your family members have already been grouped to your profile, they will appear in a list below your profile picture.  If you are grouping them yourself, please log into your membership portal.  You can group a member with your account under the Create Family sidebar.  On the left of your dashboard select Add Family Member.  If they already have a profile, add them using the existing member selection. A verification email will be sent to the added member to confirm they want to join your family group. 

If they are new to GoMembership, please select new member.  You will need to complete all mandatory details for them. 

Please note:  ALL members added to a family group are able to log in to view and edit all memberships attached to the group. 

How do I change clubs or join multiple clubs? 
You can select a new club during the sign up process or if you are a renewing member, choose ‘Select Club’ from the top right in your profile and add your new club.  Once you have completed this, please contact your old club to have them remove you. 

Want to join multiple clubs? Once you have logged into your membership portal, your clubs will display on the right sidebar. You can choose ‘Select Club’ from the top of this side bar which will take you through the process of adding a club to your membership. 

My Club have asked for my Child Protection information. Where do I enter this? 
Once you have logged into your profile, please select Credentials from the list on the left.  Choose +Add Credentials to upload to your profile.  A pop-out will display showing a list of all credentials that can be uploaded to your profile.   Fill in all required details. 

Accessing member benefits  

When will I receive my membership card? 
Your Triathlon Australia digital membership card will be sent to you in your membership confirmation email once you have purchased your 2021/2022 membership.