The dawn of a new era

Why a new brand?

Sometimes in life, you just outgrow things. Like your first tri bike. Sure, you have great memories with it – but then you realise you need something new, something that better suits who you are now, and something that will propel you towards your next goal.

Like that tri bike, we needed a new brand – one no longer about who we were, but about who we’ve become and where we are going. From September 2023, you’ll notice as we make that change to our new identity: AusTriathlon.

Since emerging in the late ’80s and making our Olympic debut in Sydney, our sport has evolved and so has our organisation. We’re proud of our origins, but we’re excited about what’s ahead for triathlon in Australia – and we’re excited about helping you as you partake in the journey.



Triathlon Australia is now AusTriathlon

Our new name turns us 180 degrees, from Triathlon Australia to AusTriathlon. That may seem like a small change, but it’s part of something much bigger: our renewed focus on growing and celebrating triathlon in Australia at all levels, from those just thinking about starting out, through to our world champions.

We’re gearing up our new brand to showcase the incredible sport of triathlon to more people – and to better support those already involved. This means a higher profile, more engagement, increased transparency, and a better suite of digital tools to enable it all.



Making it easier to get started

Community is at the heart of AusTriathlon.

We firmly believe triathlon has something to offer everyone. That means it’s our job to make it simpler for people to connect with their local triathlon community, and to find the support they need to help them reach their goals – whatever they may be.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are part of what makes us a great community. In coming months, we’ll be looking for ways to help you tell your story and invite others into the amazing AusTriathlon community.



Celebrating the journey

You’ll notice our new brand is unapologetically bold and vibrant. Why?

Because the best thing about triathlon is the excitement of the journey – whatever that looks like for each participant.

Bold is taking that first step.

Bold is pushing yourself a little further each time.

Vibrant is the variety of journeys we take along the way.

From starting out, to beating your best, to beating the competition – we want to celebrate your journey of taking triathlon as far as you choose.



And it’s just beginning…

With our new brand comes this brand new website. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll notice a suite of new tools that make it easier to access and share information: this includes powerful integrated event, coach, and club finders, detailed training tips and resources, a new community hub, and more. Be sure to check back regularly as we make these available to you.

It’s all part of our mission: to help you Find your unstoppable!


Love the little details?

Then check out our new AusTriathlon Brand Guide, and see how it all comes together.