The Picken Family Rivalry is on for NSW Club Champs

21 May 2024

Amidst the excitement of the upcoming NSW Triathlon Club Championships, there is a family whose passion for the sport runs as deep as their love for each other. Meet the Pickens – a testament to the unbreakable bonds forged through the highs and lows of triathlon racing.

Rob Picken has been racing since his early days in the mid-80s at Penrith. With three NSW State Championships under his belt this season alone, Rob is no stranger to the podium. His triumph at the IRONMAN Port Macquarie, where he shattered course records and clinched victory by a staggering 4.5 hours, stands as a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication.

But Rob’s journey is not a solitary one. Beside him stands his brother Mark of Cronulla Tri Club, whose legacy spans decades. From Cronulla to the IRONMAN Kona, Mark’s presence in the triathlon world is legendary.

Their shared love for the sport extends to the next generation, embodied by Rob’s son, Kane Picken, and Mark’s grandson, Phoenix Rostron. After Rob spent a long time away from the sport, it was Kane’s initiation into triathlon that sparked Rob’s return to the scene in 2003, forming a formidable duo under the banner of the MacArthur Club. Meanwhile, Phoenix, a rising star and Tri NSW junior representative, races alongside his grandfather at Cronulla.

Regulars at the NSW Club Champs, the Pickens eagerly anticipate a weekend that will bring on the thrill of competition and the camaraderie that binds them together. For them, racing is not just about personal glory but a celebration of family, unity, and the joy of pushing boundaries together. Along with that, Rob says there’s no better way to finish up the triathlon season than with the Club Champs after party.

As they line up alongside their respective clubs, the spirit of competition ignites, fuelling their determination to excel. Yet amidst the fierce rivalry, there remains an unwavering sense of kinship, a shared understanding that, win or lose, they are bound by something far greater than a finish line.

Join the Pickens at NSW Club Champs this Saturday May 25th in Worimi – Forster. Register here.

Story by Adelaide Anderson

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