National Integrity Framework Update

10 Apr 2024

AusTriathlon are committed to ensuring our sport remains safe and fair for all.

This is achieved through prevention and response techniques that mitigate against integrity threats such as doping and competition manipulation, and threats to positive sporting experiences through poor behaviours such as discrimination or abuse.

In March 2021, as a response to the Wood Review, the National Integrity Framework (NIF) was launched as a suite of six integrity policies by Sport Integrity Australia. The intent of the NIF is to assist sports with creating a safe and fair sporting environment for all by setting out the rules about the types of behaviour that are unacceptable in sport.

Following a wide-ranging consultation with sports by Sports Integrity Australia in 2023, the integrity policies under the NIF were reviewed and updated to ensure they remain true to their original intent and address the contemporary issues faced by sports.

AusTriathlon confirmed its commitment to the NIF by accepting the updated integrity policies which includes the removal of redundant Policies due to the updates in the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.

Acceptance of the updated policies ensures AusTriathlon has a consistent set of policies that align with all sports nationally and continues to provide participants with rules about the types of behaviour that are unacceptable and guides individuals and organisations on what to do if they experience or witness breaches of these rules. 

The following Policies were made redundant by the updates the NIF:

  • Review and Appeals Policy
  • Conduct and Disciplinary Policy
  • Personal Grievances Policy
  • South Australian Safeguarding Addendum

AusTriathlon’s National Integrity Framework policies and information can be found online at


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