Olympic Day: Delly Carr’s top triathlon images from the Games

23 Jun 2024

For over two decades, Delly Carr has been capturing triathlon’s most iconic moments, as a member of the Australian team for all six Olympic Games and two Paralympic Games which have included the sport. His lens has witnessed the highs, lows, and everything in between, with unparalleled access to behind-the-scenes moments giving him a perspective that few others share.

This Olympic Day, Delly showcases a selection of his top triathlon images from the Games.

“It’s no secret how long I have been in the sport. In that time I was so blessed to attend and photograph triathlon’s debut upon the Olympic stage.

“With so much more blessings coming my way when it made its first appearance in 2000 in Sydney, the city that I have lived in all my life. And staged at the forecourt of the world iconic Sydney Opera House.

“I was recently asked what is my favourite Olympic triathlon image taken at the six Summer Olympic Games I have been to. It’s interesting that it isn’t a singular image, I have chosen a few based on the emotion and love that comes with it.

“During my time working alongside AusTriathlon, I have grown alongside so many of Australia’s triathlon Olympians. Many I can call close personal friends now.

“So when one of those close to me perform at their physical and mental athletic peak to have the privilege and right to earn themselves that Olympic medal around their neck, it means so much more than me simply being a photographer. I share that love, joy and elation.

“I can remember the tears welling up in my eyes as both Emma’s, Snowsill and Moffat, crossed the line in Beijing. It was so hard to photograph their finishes, I couldn’t see through the viewfinder.

“I can remember the pride I felt for Michellie Jones as she won medals in Sydney and then 16 years later in Rio with Katie Kelly.

“I can remember my laughter as Loretta Harrop waving and winking at me, crushed in the photographer scrum, as she stood on the podium after she received her medal.

“Or the close feeling with Erin ‘Delly’ Densham in London. We had a fun bond as she was nicknamed ‘Delly’ by athletes and the media because she took so many photos when she was on tour with the Australian triathlon team.

“I follow the rollercoaster each Australian athlete rides upon at each Olympic race. Lows, highs, sweat, pain, laughter, and tears. I share that ride alongside them, not only as my camera and heart records a spacial time in their athletic life, but also as a supporter and friend.”

Delly Carr

My Portfolio is Me

Delly Carr’s ‘My Portfolio is Me’ is a retrospective exhibition covering his 24-year career within the Olympic realm as Australia’s leading freelance sports photographer. This work showcases the Olympic and Paralympic drama, Australia’s athletes, values, and achievements.

The exhibition is open from 3 June to 13 September, 9am to 5pm, at the Australian Embassy in Paris – 4 Rue Jean Rey,  75015 Paris.

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