Road to Paris: Devonport results shake up Paralympic Rankings

28 Mar 2024

Photo Credit: Delly Carr

Devonport took centre stage last weekend, kickstarting the World Triathlon Para Series season and continuing the Road to Paris for Australia’s Paralympic hopefuls.

Jack Howell (PTS5), Grace Brimelow (PTS4), and Anu Francis (PTS2) came out on top in their categories, clinching their maiden gold medals and signalling their intent for the rest of the season.

The event not only celebrated individual triumphs but also served as a crucial battleground for athletes vying for coveted spots in the Paralympic Qualification Rankings.

As the qualification period draws to a close on July 1, 2024, every performance becomes paramount, with athletes worldwide striving to secure their place on the grandest stage of all.

The stakes were high, with the top nine athletes in most events, and a select few in the women’s PTS4 category, clinching quota spots for their nations.

Australian athletes can secure automatic nominations for those ranking within the top five in their respective categories.

Shifting tides were evident in Devonport, with some Australian’s soaring in the rankings while others faced minor setbacks on their Road to Paris.

Thomas Goodman’s (PTS2) sixth-place finish propelled him five spots to tenth in the rankings, well within reach of an top-nine spot.

Jeremy Peacock elevated his standing with a silver medal, ascending four spots to fourth in the rankings of the fiercely competitive PTS4 field.

Jack Howell’s breakthrough victory in the PTS5 category propelled him three spots up the rankings, landing him in third place, while Sally Pilbeam’s fifth-place finish propelled her to fourth in the PTS4 category – up three spots.

Justin Godfrey (PTS3), David Bryant (PTS5), Anu Francis (PTS2), and Grace Brimelow (PTS4) all climb one spot in the rankings, solidifying their positions.

The ripple effect of results was felt across multiple categories, with Maggie Sandles (PTVI), Caroline Baird (PTVI), Liam Twomey (PTS4), and Nic Beveridge (PTWC) each moving down one spot.

Glen Jarvis (PTS2) and Sam Harding (PTVI) encountered a slightly steeper descent, moving down two spots.

Crucially, Sandles, Twomey, Beveridge, and Harding all maintain their positions within the top nine athletes in their respective categories.

Next up on the Paralympic ranking race calendar is next month’s World Triathlon Para Cup Yenisehir, where Glen Jarvis (PTS2) and David Bryant (PTS5) will carry on their seasons.

Paralympic Qualification Rankings (as of 28 Mar, 2024):

3 – Nic Beveridge (-1)

PTS2 Men
10 – Thomas Goodman (+5)
13 – Glen Jarvis (-2)

PTS3 Men
5 – Justin Godfrey (+1)

PTS4 Men
4 – Jeremy Peacock (+4)
6 – Liam Twomey (-1)

PTS5 Men
3 – Jack Howell (+3)
7 – David Bryant (+1)

8 – Sam Harding (-2)

PTWC Women
1 – Lauren Parker (-)

PTS2 Women
2 – Anu Francis (+1)

PTS4 Women
4 – Sally Pilbeam (+3)
16 – Grace Brimelow (+1)
17 – Hannah MacDougall (-1)

PTVI Women
6 – Maggie Sandles (-1)
12 – Caroline Baird (-1)

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