7 things that will slow your race during the NSW Tri Club Champs (But is totally worth it!)

29 Apr 2024

Photo Credit: NSW Triathlon Club Champs

For those that have raced the NSW Triathlon Club Champs before, you’d know there is something special about it. Forget that this is essentially an individual sport for a day, and focus on your club, your community and everything that’s amazing about the sport.

With these words of wisdom holding true, we encourage you all to consider pausing and reflecting on the season we’ve just had (even if it’s only for a few seconds) and consider how awesome the sport and our community really is.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are 7 things you should do during the race that might slow you down a bit but are TOTALLY WORTHWHILE!

Thank the volunteers.

The heart and soul of the NSW Triathlon Club Champs are the volunteers. Some will be linked to your club, but many not be. They are our members who are injured and can’t race, but still want to contribute. They’ve woken up at the crack of dawn, drove out to some remote part of the course, and waited for hours—all to give you a kayak to hold onto when you are a bit tired in the swim or hand you a cup of water at an aid station. Race day doesn’t happen without volunteers and saying “thank you” doesn’t really slow you down that much anyway.

Stop and reflect on how spectacular the environment is!

We are not suggesting you have to make the entire race a mediative and reflective experience, but take a few seconds during each leg to stop, look around and consider how absolutely lucky we are to be able to race on one of Australia’s most spectacular courses.

Forster, the birthplace of long course triathlon in Australia, offers the perfect swim off Forster main beach to the run across the truly iconic Forster / Tuncurry bridge, the location is worthy of losing a few seconds of time mid race to soak in the moment.

Wear something Retro and Fun?

Dust off that classic vintage triathlon gear and bring back the glory days!

At this years event, we are inviting those who want some extra fun, to show up and race in your best retro triathlon gear.

It’s all about fun, celebrating those that have come before and more importantly, you’ll be in the running to be crowned ‘BEST DRESSED RETRO TRIATHLETE 2024

Soak up Club Tent Alley

It will make their day and you’ll end up feeling happier. And happy people run faster.

The run course is designed to bring you back to ‘Club Tent Alley’ twice, and this is no accident. High five, get those cheers and accolades and let it drive your legs forward as you surge to the finish line. Don’t be so focussed on running that you forget to smile, laugh and post for those photos!

Be encouraging to your fellow athletes.

It takes just a few seconds to toss a fellow athlete an extra gel, or ask “Hey, you OK?”. Check in with anyone you think is struggling, give an extra cheer for an athlete who has driven in from a location extra far. Laugh with fellow competitors about things, soak in the race and little moments.

These small gestures make it possible for someone to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line, too—and you made it happen.

Truly embrace the ‘end of season’

Ok, so these final two won’t slow you down, but we added them anyway. 

As you cross the finish line and as those ‘finish line feels’ kicks in, take a few seconds to think back across season 2023/2024 and use it as a chance to reboot and recalculate for 2024/2025.

What events (other then NSW Triathlon Club Champs) MUST you be at? What is your bucket list events that next season you’ll tick off?

What went right, what went wrong. Say a little cliché to yourself like ‘Pain is temporary but glory is forever’, or something that will dull the aching body.

Hug your loved ones

Here’s the thing about race day: You may be the one crossing the finish line, but you likely didn’t get there alone. Your partners watched the kids while you went on training rides, your kids were excellent movie-watching partners during recovery days, On your way to the finish line, slow down for sweaty hugs and high-fives. They’ll love it, and it’s worth losing a few seconds of an overall time to celebrate with those who supported your triathlon habit.

So there you have it folks, 7 things you should do come Saturday 25th May that might slow you down (ever so slightly), but is totally worth it.

If you’ve entered, see you there. Not yet on the startline? Do it now before the impending price bump!

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