Silver Sands Triathlon Sparkles as Keren Graham Makes Her Return to Racing

6 Mar 2024

Photo Credit: J. Carrots

On Sunday 11 February, South Australia played host to the Silver Sands Triathlon, which featured picture perfect conditions and even more impressive results.

None more impressive than that of West Lakes Triathlon Club (Lakers) member Keren Graham.
Growing up in Queensland playing softball, netball and riding her bike to and from school daily, Keren loved staying active and started her triathlon journey during the 2012/13 season, after she moved to South Australia.

Training and competing regularly, Keren never imagined that her life could change.

In 2018, Keren had a bike accident that would see her spend 51 days in hospital, 20 of which in a coma.

Lakers President Allan Thomas noted that Keren had always been a competitive, determined person and facing this situation was no different.

“It was very obvious in that moment that she was a fighter,” Allan said.

In the years following her accident, Keren was forced to relearn physical skills and faced long lasting physical challenges. She has been working alongside her carer to return to physical activity and triathlon.

With the support of both her carer Michelle and partner Rex, who have assisted in finding ways to adapt race equipment so she can return to triathlon, Keren has continued to strive to be able to do everything she was capable of prior to her accident.

The Silver Sands Triathlon marked Keren’s longest completed race since her accident.

The support from Lakers and the triathlon community helped drive Keren to the finish line with Michelle by her side.

“Crossing the line felt good … emotional having everyone cheering,” Keren said.

“The beauty of triathlon is that there are so many individuals, but they come together as a team,” Lakers President Allan added. “Never underestimate the inspiration you are for everybody else. It’s not about how fast you go or where you place, it’s that you’re doing it … You never know the impact you have on another individual at that moment in time.”

Keren’s race journey is continuing at Murray Bridge with the long-term goal to compete with a team in the Rottnest Channel Swim in 2025.

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